Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Toys r us

My current bedroom at home used to be the toyroom. Growing up, my siblings and I had TONNES of toys. And I'm not even exaggerating. My bros had everything, from Transformers, Star Wars & Thundercats figures to Ghostbusters, racing cars and Conan. Others, I just have no idea what they're called ;p My sister loved Warner bros' characters, she also collected the hot cartoons of her time - JEM and My Little Pony. I had bears after bears after BEARS! She and I later shared a passion though : Barbie. She had so many dolls, I should think up to 30 perhaps. I on the other hand, had a fetish over Barbie accessories - the clothes and houses, the luxury and such. Friends who've gone into my toyroom so far have all made the same expression. They all gawked. Everything's just so PINK. Yup, I had my own Barbieland in that small lil room upstairs.

So when I got older, I didn't want to be sharing a room with sis anymore. I cleared the toyroom , donated what was in excess and wala! My personal bedroom. All the Barbieness was kept safely in boxes under my bed.

Few days ago I found myself looking around my room. What a change. Now it's full of clothes. Lots and lots of 'em. ;) Mum was persistent on not wasting anything, so I rummaged my wardrobe and set aside a huge bundle for charity. As I was doing that, my eye caught the stuff underneath the bed. And I've been pulling them out, getting the dust off and arranging them neatly. I was thinking of giving them away, maybe to a children's hospital or an orphanage. After I got everything assembled though, it felt really difficult to let go. These were the sweet childhood they're all still in good shape..I asked my mum about it. When she looked at them, she told me to keep them. (yay!) Who knows when she finally has grand daughters they'd like to go to Mamatok's house to play with Barbie ;D

Just recently I told my bro to go through this stack of magazines I found, some were collectors' comics - to determine which ones he wanted so that we could recycle the rest. And out of the corner of my eye I saw him snickering to himself as he flipped them through. Afterwards he took all the magazines to his room! Guess I'm not the only one unwilling to part with precious memories =p

Before I store them once again for the unknown future, I can't help but take some pics. Here's a glimpse of my very girly2 childhood days :


To the ball with Barbies ;)

Why we hate mannikins,dummies and dolls - they look too good to be true =p
Dolls have better clothes than we do =s

Barbie's lil sis, Kelly & her bestie, Melody

ps. Everyone's brought up differently, while good values in my opinion should matter, I don't see why toys should create such a fuss. In other words, non-Barbie fans - bite your tongue ;)

1st Doll House
Dressing table
Foodcourt ;)

The beach. complete with water skis, jetski, sails and surfboard.oh.scuba gear too :p

Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's NOT cartoon ok.

10 years old. That was the age I first got hooked on Anime - all thanks to mega tv's axn. I watched them all : Burn Up Excess, Gestalt, Gatekeeper, Dual - Parallel World, GS Mikami, Curious Play, DragonballZ, 3x3 Eyes, Akazukin Cha Cha, Flame of Recca, Ranma 1/2, Grander Musashi, Ninja Robots, Oh My Goddess!, Ayashi no Ceres, El-Hazard, Gensomaden Saiyuki, Cyberteam of Akihabara, Yu Yu Hakusho, Sailormoon...I'm a MAJOR fan of 3 though : Samurai X/Rurouni Kenshin, You're Under Arrest & Slamdunk. The old school anime I guess...but till today I still watch the reruns and true to the fan status - I never get bored of them. And it's already been 10 years.
Now that there's Animax on Astro, there's a whole lot of Animes...and a different, more modern perhaps, variety. I was introduced to Hell Girl, R.O.D the TV, Colourcloud Palace, Paradise Kiss, Cardcaptor Sakura, Midori Days, Please Teacher!, Rave Master,and the list goes on and on..impossible to mention all at once. I personally think both old and new have their own touch, and they're a pleasure to watch.

When you're totally absorbed by Anime, you'd most likely to get offended with those who simply refer to Anime as mere 'cartoons'. Coz obviously, they're not. Cartoons, are those animated stories which generally amke you laugh. They're silly, they're funny, and sometimes they entertain. Anime brings all that to a higher level. They depict real life, or fantasy. They portray real emotions and hey. I have laughed AND cried watching Anime. They just give you an overall good feeling, which won't happen for those who don't get it.

Sometimes the love stories are better than the real life acted ones...seriously. And the jokes - classic. Most of the Anime are adaptations of Manga, but I feel some are better left as Manga. It just doesn't work on screen. But I just hate those people who spoil it all - when they try to Westernize the Japanese originales. The day they decided to let a white guy play Goku - they've practically ruined the whole essence of Anime. Big time.

I suppose I'm not as hardcore as those who attend cosplays, dress up as their favourite Manga/Anime character and join Anime Clubs. (altho my eldest bro is a member - a lil pastime we share together *winks*)But I still treasure Anime. It's cool. And it matters that I think so. Those who can't seem to understand though, just have to deal with it. =D

ps. Please2 don't complain when I watch Animax. It's all I watch and look forward to - just happen to be on when you get off work. You can try taking it to Astro customer service ;p

Rurouni Kenshin/Samurai X

Cyberteam of Akihabara

Curious Play

Colourcloud Palace


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Battle of the brothers

The first was born on the 11th of January 2005. The second 3years later, on the 25th of September.

Mikhael Ariff Shariz aka Mikey boy.Or Kael.Sometimes Mika.Likes to be a train.Such influence Thomas & his friends have on him ;)

Muez Rafael Shariz aka Muez. So far no other nicknames have come up but we'll c over the years. He's only 4months. For now thou, he's definitely big for his age. Like his big bro. And he's already teething! That explains the extra extra saliva=p Latest : he licks. No wonder sometimes I feel all ticklish when carrying him. When I look down there he is - tongue all wiggly2. (^.~)

Kael is daddy's boy. He walks with the same jumpity-bumpity style just like Ijan. When he plays it's like a blast from the past - exactly what my brother used to do according to Mama & Baba. All the whoosh~ and foosh! hee. He even resembles my bro.

Muez is mummy's boy. He doesn't have any similar habits...yet. But he sure looks like her :p

They don't look anything alike now (duh). But Muez looked like Kael when he was a baby. So... who's cuter?? You decide. All I know is I love 'em both and I still can't get enuff of either one. kikiki

From shleepy2 to wakey2 - the whole process ;)

Near, Nearer, Nearest.

In Auntie La's arms

Pipi boyot!!!

Dah bley guling2~

Muke terkejut.

Muke happy. Muke excited!


Baby Kael~

Kael - stiff in the boat =p His cheeky face!

Kael pwasan kiut!hee

Muke innocent!

Muke gumbira~

Muke blurrrr

Ngantok! Happy2 during raya



Kael mengamuk.=p

Tito. elelelele ;)