Sunday, March 10, 2013

Automode - NOT.


     It has been emphasized to me today that if you intend to do good, do it straight away and don't think about it. For when you do think about it, that is when syaitan tries to delay our deeds, which leads to procrastination or even worse, not doing it at all. So rather then mention that I will now take up blogging again, (like I have in the past and there you go..I'm here nearly 2 years later - the word procrastination is such an underestimation :p) I might as well start right NOW.

     Sunday - seems like a good day for some spiritual evaluation, especially because on days such as this I attend a Quranic Circle at Aunty Jumayah's house. I came to know about this group 2 years back and have been going on and off but last year having finals and all, I rarely make attendance as every week I'll have study group meetings to focus on the final exams. This year however I shall have none of that. In sha Allah my target for 2013 is to be a regular every week apart from my on-call days when I really can't escape obligations to be in hospital. 

    Previously this class as I know it has been led by Aunty Jumayah herself where we go through Amr Waleed's Reflections of the Quran. Now Sister Salwa is back and she will leading off the classes as she used to. MashaAllah the 1st time she conducted the class, we started with Surah As-Sajadah - her being the very knowledgeable woman she is and with Arabic as her mother tongue - took us on such a journey. We covered 6 ayah but my goodness in such depth, I loved every second of it!She would begin with the background about the surah itself and explain each verse in such a way that you can really appreciate the beauty of the Arabic language. Makes my heart bloom!*LOVE* So nowadays she'll be taking us through the verses and we will end the session with one of the 40 hadith supplemented by a book which is a compilation of the lectures given by one UIA lecturer.

     So hopefully every week I'll have something to share with everyone; be it just one verse or a summary of what I have learnt that particular day.

     Today something which touched my heart is that: "We should do everything for the sake of Allah in order to have peace of mind." 

     Life is all about routine nowadays that sometimes we never put in much thought to what we say or do; we're basically on auto-mode. That being said, I am also at fault as sometimes I forget those simple things like saying Bismillah everytime I do a deed which is just a waste. One word makes all the difference in turning that deed into Ibadah and with good intentions in sha Allah you get rewarded for it. And if we really change our mindset in that everything we do is solely to please Allah, somehow everything just becomes lighter, gets easier. That way nothing will stop you from waking up in the middle of the night to perform Qiam, or wake up in the morning to be ready and in high spirits for work. 
       On another note, of course we can only try our best now to keep the good deeds coming and pray that they be accepted by Allah. In comparison, our amal ibadah is NOTHING without Allah's mercy. We can do all the right and good deeds for years and years but if Allah does not bestow us His mercy, they are nothing. So let us try to fill our lives with remembrance to Allah and pray hard for His mercy; may we all be amongst those He saves from Jahannam. Ameen ya Rabbal Alamin. 
       Have a blessed week everyone! =)